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True wardrobe treasures for every type of woman and man, and where to buy them on sale now!

Darlings, if you like a true bargain, now is your moment! With sales in Belgium extended until the end of February, there are still some amazing pieces to be found. This is my list of wardrobe favourites for different body types. Because every woman and every man deserves to shine!

Truus Yperman styling and shopping tips and tricks

As your Style Coach and Personal Shopper, I have shortlisted my favourite items on sale right now. If it's love at first sight, you can click the picture and make your purchase. Easy peasy.

And you know what the best part is? I’ve made sure there is something in there for every body type. You see, there is a perfect cut and silhouette for every man and woman, of every shape and size. All it takes, is a little eye for balance and a ton of good taste:)

Now, before we dive in, two things:

One: I don't get anything out this, other than the pure joy of sharing. I promote good taste, and that's my only agenda. I hope this can be a refreshing change from other, sponsored content.

Two: Everybody loves to buy something new once in a while, but not at the cost of killing the planet. In my next blog, I’ll reveal my strategy on how to be part of a positive change in fashion. Watch out for that!

Ok, that’s everything you need to know. Now, enjoy!

Hazelnut double-breasted cocoon coat

59,60€ instead of 159€ - La Redoute (online only)

sizes 34 to 50

Also in navy blue and black

For which body type?

This coat can work on several body types, but it is particularly powerful on women (or men) with tall, lean, straight bodies with little or no waist definition, and usually a fairly small bust (this no longer applies to the men:) ) - aka ‘rectangular’ bodies.

Why this coat for ‘rectangular’ women?

Because its rounded, droopy shoulders will soften your broad, wide shoulder line. Its big lapels and double breasting will add volume to your chest area. Its balloon-y, cocoon shape and oversized, rounded sleaves will soften your straight lines, and give you a more voluptuous frame. In short, the volume and roundness of this coat on a straight, angular body will look soft and powerful all at once!

Why else do I love this coat?

Because it has all the ingredients of this winter’s biggest trends: oversized, deliciously brown (like all shades of chocolate), reminiscent of the 70s, and a dash of androgenous.

What I don’t love about it?

At such a price, something’s always gotta give. This coat is only 38% wool. The rest is polyester, acryl and the likes:(

How to wear it?

The sky’s the limit really, but I’m not crazy about the combination in the picture. I prefer oversized coats on a simple, monochrome outfit with a pair of urban sneakers or funky boots.

Regular-fit leather jacket with sherpa collar

225 € instead of 450€ - Brummell via Places des Tendances (online)

sizes M and XL

For which body type?

This jacket will look great on many men, but it is particularly perfect if you happen to be on the shorter side.

Why this jacket for shorter men?

Because a sure-fire way to lengthen your silhouette, is to wear slim-fitting, lean, non-bulky garments on your upper body. A short jacket also helps to show us more leg, which creates length in your legs compared to your torso. And finally, the leather texture and sherpa collar of this jacket will draw the eye’s attention upwards, further creating the illusion of length.

I tell you, this jacket is the way to go!

Why else do I love this jacket?

Because of its subtle hint of London-mod or punk-chic.

What I don’t love about it?

The only red flag could be the actual length of the jacket on your body. If you try it on, and it covers most of your hip area, instead of sitting on top of your hipbone where it’s supposed to sit, it actually ‘gives away’ your shorter silhouette. In that case, send it back!

How to wear it?

Again, forget the outfit in the picture. If you want this jacket to work in your favour, think dark pants! You need a pair of slim-fitting (but not skinny!) pants, cropped right above your shoes (without stacking on top of them), dark socks, and dark shoes. Such full-length monochrome outfit will make you look taller and it also happens to be the hottest trend of the moment.

Short mustard dress with velvety texture

53,99€ instead of 89,99€ - CKS (Belgian brand, available online but also at Inno in Brussels)

sizes XS to XXL

Also available in red, but I only like it in yellow:)

For which body type?

I would pick this type of dress for women who are not very tall and are shaped like an inverted (upside down) triangle, with shoulders wider than hips and waist. Inverted triangles often have a small bust and great legs.

Why this dress for inverted triangles?

Because it’s an A-line dress with soft shoulders, a small top part, and lots of volume around your waist and hips. Adding volume in all the right places, while visually pulling in your broad shoulders, it will magically counterbalance your inverted triangle shape. The vertical structure of the ribbing will lengthen your silhouette, and the short hemline will give you legs for days.

This is a winner, darling!

Why else do I love this dress?

It’s not for everyone, but that greenish-yellow mustard colour is a total eye-catcher! Plus, I have a thing for velvet and anything else that reminds me of me of the 70s.

What I don’t love about it?

The fabric is polyester, not my favourite:(

How to wear it?

I’m thinking a pair of Cognac brown knee- or ankle-high boots. Can you picture that?

‘Olympe’ print dress, natural and sustainable fibre

112 €, instead of 140 € - Loud Bodies (sustainable Romanian plus-size brand, available online)

sizes XXS to 10XL

For which body type?

This dress is cut to perfection for curvy women whose tummy area is wider than other parts of their body, aka ‘apple-shaped’ women.


To distract the eye away from the round tummy area, you need a dress that is well structured on top, nipped in the waist right below the bust, and flared out towards the knee with a strong A-line. Also, the heavy print does a great job at distracting attention away from your size.

In short, this is your dress gitlfriend!

Why else do I love this dress?

Because I admire this small, women-run, Romanian brand with its inclusive, body-positive and sustainable approach. It gives me hope for a better future for the fashion industry (again the topic of my next blog post, so wait for it).

How to wear it?

With ankle boots or a cool sneaker.

Army green, loose fitting pants with tapered legs and drawstring waistband, 100% cotton

64,50€, instead of 129€ - Bellerose (Belgian brand, available online but also in stores in Brussels)

sizes 36, 40, 42, 42

Also available in navy blue

Truus Yperman shopping tips for plus size men
Pictures from Bellerose website

For which body type?

These pants are a great look for men of all sizes and shapes who want to look urban cool. But they also happen to be the perfect pair of pants for men with a sizeable tummy who are looking to slim down their silhouette.


Because the eye always looks for balance. If you have a big tummy, you need to create volume and bulk around the legs to balance out your heavier top half. A loose-fitting pair of pants, in a heavy chino fabric, will achieve that. You can also draw the eye’s attention away from your tummy by adding colours, patterns and prints around the legs. This light army green definitely does the trick.

Why else do I love these pants?

Because loose-fitting, wider pants, both casual and formal, are quickly gaining traction. In fact, between you and me, now is probably a good time to start selling your skinny pants (but that’s the topic of my next blog, so wait for it).

What I don’t love about it?

Niente, nada, not a single thing!

How to wear it?

To make this outfit entirely tummy-distracting, you shouldn’t wear a light-coloured sweater, like the bloke in the picture. Instead, opt for anything dark, slender and slim-fitting on top. You don’t believe it’s that easy to trick the eye? Try it!

Mini corduroy shirt-dress with front zipper and belt, 100% cotton

25,49€ instead of 45,99€ - Glamorous Curve via Zalando

sizes 44 to 52

For which body type?

Because curvy women rarely get the pleasure of the extra choice, I’ve added a second dress for the apple-shaped woman. It’s my way of showing they can look just as fabulous as the rest of us.

Why is this a good dress for apple-shaped bodies?

Because the heavy corduroy fabric ensures a well-defined, figure-flattering shape, with a waist right below the bust, and some added volume around your hips. Needless to say, this vertical ribbing and dark colour also work in your favour.

Why else do I love this dress?

Because it’s youthful, on-trend, and urban. I’d wear it any day, apple shape or not!

How to wear it?

Again, ankle boots or a cool sneaker.

Cropped button-down jacket with pockets in the front

171 €, instead of 285€ - Oscar The Collection (Belgian brand, available online)

sizes 34 to 42

For which body type?

Believe it or not, women can also be pear-shaped. They have wider hips and thighs, a small waist, fairly small breast and small, rounded shoulders.

To all the pear-shaped women: meet your dream jacket!


Because to balance out your heavier lower body, you need to play up your upper body, while defining your waist. This cropped jacket does all that in a single go. With its bulky breast pockets, blousy silhouette, big buttons and thick waist band, it seems custom-made for all you lovely pear-ladies.

Why else do I love this dress?

Because I’ve been following this small, Belgian brand for a while, and I believe they are onto something!

How to wear it?

This is important. Wear it with a simple, dark-coloured pair of pants. Just let the jacket have its moment! Trust me, think relaxed fit (preferably with some pleats in the front), subtle A-line, long on the leg, and most importantly, high-rise baby! You want the pants to hit you in your smallest part, not below. Because if Kim Kardashian can embrace her curves, so can you!

Alia long shirt-dress with tropical, ochre print

110,25€, instead of 245€ - Stella Forest (available online but also in store in Brussels)

sizes 34 to 42

Also available in turquoise

For which body type?

This dress is perfect for tall, full-breasted woman with a couple of extra kilos around the tummy and a fairly flat derrière.


Because the loose-fitting, drapey fabric of the upper body part, with its slender V-neckline, will play down the curviness of your bust. The height of the belt is adjustable, so you can define your waist right below your bustline for a fabulous hourglass result. The skirt part of the dress, with its flowy A-line, skims loosely over your tummy and flares out around your hips and buttocks, adding volume only where needed. The heavy all-over print is a great distracter, and helps disguise some of your little imperfections. And thanks to the buttons in the front, you can still decide to go full-on ‘femme fatale’ with this dress. Us women, we like to have options:)

Why else do I love this dress?

Because Stella Forest always manages to take boho-chic to a whole new level.

What I don’t love about it?

Nothing, this dress is perfection.

How to wear it?

I’d combine it with suede leather boots, perhaps the saggy ones, but you can also add a nice sneaker. And then a long, straight blazer on top. I’ll say it again: per-fec-tion!

That’s the end of my list, darlings. I hope my ideas will give you a head-start at closing off the winter sales in style.

And remember, if you need help figuring out what cuts and silhouettes are best for you, call me! I can be your Style Coach and Personal Shopper in Brussels. I offer body shape analysis to my clients as part of their personal styling journey. It’s such a powerful, hands-on way of embracing your beauty, getting rid of self-limiting beliefs, and standing up for yourself.

And believe me, once you get it, that’s when the real fun begins. Body shape analysis, like colour and fashion style analysis, will help you master the basics. But after that, the sky’s the limit! From that solid basis, you will suddenly want to explore, test new grounds, and surprise yourself. Confidence and mastery inspire courage and playfulness.

Make the mirror your best friend, your kindest companion, and dare to be every shade of shade of fabulous!

For more fashion and personal style inspiration, join my mailing list or follow me on Instagram.



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