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By Truus, your Personal Stylist from Brussels

Man with gift in front of Christmas tree

Ready or not, the Christmas gift hunt is on again. Lucky for you, I'm here to sprinkle some festive magic into your present-picking game!

As your dedicated Personal Stylist and Shopper, I've been curating fabulous finds all year long for male and female clients, and I’m breaking them down for you in:

But here's the scoop – I'm not your typical influencer throwing random stuff your way. Nope, I'm your style-savvy confidante, and my gift suggestions are as authentic as your grandma's secret cookie recipe. I'm on a mission to offer you genuine, unsponsored recommendations that I truly believe will hit the mark.

Oh, and make sure to read through until the end. I’ve tucked away a gem of a suggestion that might just be the perfect cherry on top.

Intrigued? Well then, let's get this festive guide rolling!


Massimo Dutti grey cashmere scarf

I know, I sound sponsored, but I’m not. Massimo Dutti has really outdone themselves this year. Think sleek, think minimal, think high-end fabrics – right up my alley.

Now, about this cashmere scarf. Ever since I’ve tried it on one of my male clients, I feel every man should have one. You see, it's not your average neck-hugger. No, sir. It's much wider than it lets on in the pictures, so you can drape it in a gazillion ways and create that luxurious scarf look.

My personal fave? The grey one – it plays oh-so-nicely with navy-blue coats, light-blue shirts, bone-white jumpers, and then some.

A handsome gift, that’s what this is!

Current price at Massimo Dutti: 149€

brown lace-up boots

Darlings, gather around because I'm about to spill one of my closely guarded styling secrets for men – the ultimate, unbeatable, must-have shoe: the lace-up boot. This right here is the chameleon of footwear. You can dress it up with a suit for a cool office look, or dress it down with a rolled-up jeans and a knitted jumper for a lazy-Sunday vibe. Trust me; it's THE shoe.

Recently, I found these lace-up boots from Marco Tozzi for a client, and they check all the right boxes. Finding the perfect all-round boot is no breeze, but these boots nail it with dark cognac or tan leather, matching color laces, and a clean dark sole – not too chunky, not too dainty. It's a delicate balance; anything too chic or too casual, and they lose that all-round charm.

Snag these boots on Zalando for the current price of €71.95€


navy-blue overshirt on a guy, different viewpoints

Hold up! Ever heard of a shacket? No? Well, it's time to get acquainted because not a shirt, not a jacket – it's a shacket, and it's the missing piece your man never knew he needed.

Commonly known as an overshirt, the shacket strikes the perfect balance – not as formal as a blazer, yet not as casual as a denim or leather jacket. Some gents are rocking it to the office; others are flaunting it on a night out. In those in-between seasons, it's your mid-season jacket, and when winter comes knocking, it's a handsome extra layer on top of a jumper.

Now, I'm not one to often delve into Mango's men's section, but this navy overshirt caught my eye, and when something's right, you gotta admit it. Effortlessly understated yet undeniably stylish, this Mango jacket is a wardrobe winner. Don't let this one slip away!

You’ll find this Mango Navy Overshirt on their website for €69.99. They may call it a wool jacket, but it's really a blend of 50% wool and 50% polyester...

black and beige canvas tote bag

Yep, Carhartt fan here. And tote bag fan. And a canvas fan. So yes, this is a good bag!

And I was right from the start: bags look so handsome on men. Most of you have finally seen the light. Hate to say I told you so:)

This Carhartt bag is available through Zalando, but I’m sure you can find many other online sources for it as well. The link is just there to make life easy on you.

Current price on Zalando: 89,95€


several views of desk set pots and plates

The other day, I was on the hunt for home decor pieces for a client, and I stumbled upon this desk set from Bolia. It’s a fantastic way to transform a workspace into a zen zone, all while adding a touch of minimalist design aesthetics.

Prices range from 20€ to 100€ for separate items on the Bolia website.

Five gifts for WOMEN


Nike corduroy baseball caps in 4 different colours

Don’t be mistaken, baseball caps are not exclusive to young, cool, urban teenagers. Us grown-ups are allowed to wear them too, and when combined right, they can actually be incredibly stylish.

Check out these quick looks from Pinterest to see how sporty baseball caps pair well with classic coats, knitted jumpers, and classic bags for that sporty-chic urban look.

full-outfit looks with baseball caps

I don’t really care for the fact that the cap is Nike, any other brand, or no brand at all, as long as it looks stylish and not like a brand billboard. The corduroy touch is perfect for winter.

Your safest bet is the black cap – it's versatile and easy to pair with any outfit. However, sometimes we like our Christmas gifts a little more colourful, so don’t be scared to go for the louder colours.

I am adding the hyperlink for this cap through Zalando, but you can also just buy it directly from Nike, or just google ‘corduroy cap’ and find any other stylish corduroy cap you like.

Current price on Zalando: 30,95€

blag bag in different positions to see the detailing

Yes, I know, it’s not easy to buy the right bag for women. And there is no such thing as a bag that every woman will love. This suggestion is for those of you who like to take a little risk in life:)

This Reike Nen black quilted bag is a real statement bag, much more unique than your usual trendy it-bag with the uninspiring logos. It will feel like a personalised gift from a friend who understands style beyond the obvious.

Good luck and fingers crossed!

Current discounted price on Zalando: 211,95€

skiing top in white and black with zoom in on details

Now we’re talking! This is what I call good design – a knit skiing top with a balaclava hat included. Finally, we can stop fretting about air creeping in below our neck warmer. And it looks super cute too, would you believe it?

I found this top at Oysho and bought it instantly, together with practically their entire skiing collection:))) When something is perfect, you buy, and that’s it.

Current price on OYSHO: 45,99€

floating picture set in different colours

Everybody loves pictures, right? Yet, the hassle of framing and hanging them on walls can be a bit of a chore. Enter these charming floating picture frames. Simply slide your picture between the glass and place the frame on a shelf. Easy peasy. Plus, it gives off a modern and sleek aesthetic.

Buy a couple of frames in different shapes and sizes for a gift with maximum impact.

Prices for these XLBoom picture frames range from 45€ to 95€ on the INNO website.


bracelet sets in different colours

I really did my best to avoid a gift idea from Sézane this year. But I can’t resist.

These bracelet sets are a surefire gift. You see, jewellery can be tricky. Some women don’t like to wear earrings; others have very precise ideas about the right length of a necklace, and many bracelets need to be bought in the right size. Not these – these are a one-size-fits-all. And with that cool-chic vibe reminiscent of the 70s, what’s not to love?

My favourites are the blue ones, just because.

Price on the Sézane website: 45€ for the set of 2


And now the grand finale of my carefully curated list! If this year calls for something truly extraordinary, consider the epitome of gifts: a voucher for a feel-good styling or shopping experience, brought to you by yours truly:)

a Peaches and Pink gift voucher - front and back view

As Stylist and Personal Shopper, I provide a diverse array of hands-on sessions for both men and women: from colour and body shape analysis to style exploration, wardrobe edits, outfit strategy sessions, makeup workshops, to the thrill of shopping itself.

Drop me a message at and your voucher will be on its way.

The starting value of my gift voucher is 290€ (which covers a 2.5-hour styling session or a 3-hour shopping trip, VAT included).


These were my 5 best gifts for men and women to help you warm up for this year's holiday season.

Spot something you've been secretly eyeing for yourself? Here's a little tip: casually share this list with your partner, ensuring your personal favourite is circled with a big red marker. A subtle hint never hurt anyone:)

Wishing you all the luck in finding the perfect gifts, and may your holidays be filled with stylish surprises my friends!

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