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End-of-Summer Style Tips – from Brussels with love – part 3

With the summer switching to a cooler September gear, check out my third and last blog post of the Summer Style series, offering a mix of tips on male and female fashion, skincare, home styling, and lifestyle. Catch up on the first and second blog post to get the full experience.

And so just like that, seemingly overnight, Brussels’ sultry summer air has shifted into a much chillier September gear. Evenings are shorter, time is moving faster, and BBQs suddenly seem a little out of place.

Do you feel it too?

Yes, my friends, it’s time for some good-old end-of-summer blues, that nostalgic feeling you get upon returning from summer holidays, messing with your half-hearted attempts to un-pause your life and go back to 'reality'.

Best remedy? Indulgence, darlings. Embrace it!

September is a time for having that extra glass of wine, for enjoying an extra lazy Saturday, and for skipping ‘body attack’ to meet a friend.

So let me make this last blog of my summer style series extra cosy for you. Just lean back into your favourite couch, have that piece of chocolate, and enjoy my final tips to end this summer in style!

1. Night night, sleep tight

At the turn of seasons, my first instinct is to change bed linen. Fabrics, textures, and colours need to change with the change of air. Do you feel me?

That is how I discovered Yumeko! This Dutch brand offers a stunning collection of bio and Fairtrade products made of the finest cottons, Indian flannel, jersey, and linen.

Often, bio and Fairtrade products show one of two downsides (or sometimes both): either they let down from a design point of view, or they are way too expensive for my taste.

Not Yumeko. Their collection is simply to-die-for! And price-wise, this linen duvet cover sells at 280€ for a queen-size, including 2 pillow covers. I’m buying:)

2. But first coffee

Everybody needs a trip to the Apple store on Toison d’Or once in a while. Not necessarily to buy anything, but just to hang around and enjoy the vibe. I know you know what I’m talking about:)

Lately though, as a Covid precaution, you have to wait your turn outside, and the line can become pretty daunting.

But there is a silver lining to this story. You see, there happens to be an amazing coffee shop right around the corner from the Apple store, called Buddy Buddy.

buddu buddy Brussels by Truus Yperman
pictures taken by me on a post-lockdown Saturday

It’s located in the same building, but higher up on Rue des Drapiers. So why not drop by, and enjoy one of their amazing specialty coffees?

As a ‘plant-based’ café, they serve natural, organic food and drinks, including a range of delicious nut butters from their own Brussels' atelier.

Buddy buddy Brussels by Truus Yperman
pictures taken by me on a post-lockdown Saturday

But perhaps the X-factor of this bar lies mostly in its exquisite design. It's unlike anything you’ve seen around town. You know the usual urban coffee bar with a mix of Scandinavian furniture, warehouse details, cement tiles, plants and natural wood?

Well, Buddy Buddy is nothing like that. Instead, its design is reminiscent of Art Deco and mid-century modernity, mixed with a 50s colour palette and soft futuristic lines. It’s a 2020 design trend dubbed Neo Deco, and you can be sure to see more and more of it in the years to come.

I made two quick videos for IG a little while ago. Let me show you around.

Bring on the coffee, buddy…buddy:)


Moyi magazine afro-lifetsyle 2020 issue

Remember my group events at the beginning of summer? One of them was a private sale with designer Sophie Deh from Paris, and it was A-MA-ZING!

But don’t take my word for it. Just check out MOYI’s latest magazine issue. MOYI stopped by my private sale and instantly fell in love with Sophie’s collection. And now she's in their latest issue. I told you, A-MA-ZING:)

By the way, MOYI is an afro-lifestyle blog and magazine you need to follow! It’s a great way to explore beauty from more than just one angle, and add a dash of colour and spice to your lifestyle mix!

Oh, you missed my style events? Don't worry, I’m organizing some more soon!

In the meantime, check out the video Anja Strelec (TV journalist, filmmaker, and photographer) made for BRUZZ International, a TV show on what's moving and shaking in Brussels.

My video will air in October, so you get to see it "en première", darlings!

4. Rib knits for women and knitted shirts for men

rib knits dress and knitted shirt
pictures from Pinterest

I’ll start off with the ladies this time, because I just can’t keep this to myself any longer. Ladies, are you also falling head over heels for everything rib knit?

rib knits everywhere maxi dresses, jumpers, tops
pictures from Pinterest

How could you not? What’s not to love about those silhouette lengthening, vertical knit patterns with their unmistakable 70s’ cool?

And we just got lucky. This September, rib knits are THE look du jour! Tube dresses, maxi dresses, polo shirts, cardigans, skirts, … rib knit is all over them.

This trend is ultra-chic, and that’s a fact. Still, let me just make one observation before you throw yourself on the bandwagon. Rib knits are stretchy, but we don’t want to buy them too small.

how not to wear rib knits - too tight - unflattering
pictures from Pinterest

Stretched vertical lines can have the effect of overemphasising our beautiful curves in all the wrong ways. And you already know what I think about too much of a good thing:)

Where to buy? I say, check out Sessùn, my latest fling.

More than a clothing line, Sessùn is a statement. This French brand is all about eco-consciousness, natural fabrics, ethical ways of working, and savoir-faire. But not at the cost of design. Just look at those timeless, feminine cuts. Ça fait simplement craquer!

And ladies, we have our very own store in Brussels, in Rue du Marché au Charbon.

sessùn store in Brussels
pictures taken by me during an early spring shopping trip right before the lockdown

Of course, you can also buy online, which is exactly what I did the other day. Result: check the pictures…

Truus Yperman style coach outfit of the day
selfies made by me while writing my blog:)

I got this Lia dress for 67,50€ instead of 135€ in their summer sale (still ongoing).

Over to the men!

Darlings, meet your new wardrobe essential: the knitted shirt.

Profuomo signature knitted shirts are the next best thing
pictures from Profuomo website

Not sure what I’m talking about? Relax, it’s not easy to keep track. Now that we’re all spending a lot more time working from home, fashion is changing fast. Casual wear, loungewear and sportswear are quickly spilling over to the world of work.

We are seeing a whole new range of everyday, in-between garments designed to balance work/life fusing comfort and style — everything from luxurious track suits, stretch-cotton trousers, upgraded hoodies, and tailored t-shirts that look just as great at home as in the office and the cocktail bar.

comfort meets style: the new men's fashion trend 2020
comfort meets style - pictures from Pinterest

Basically, from now on, men can be comfortably stylish and stylishly comfortable wherever they go. The lucky bastards:)

But let’s get to our knitted shirt, another fusion garment on its way to stardom in Covid times. It’s a shirt that looks as sharp as your most stylish shirt, yet is as comfortable as your favourite polo.

The secret? It's all about the fabric, my friends.

knitted shirts fabric like piqué cotton of polo shirts
piqué cotton fabric - pictures from Boggi and Profuomo websites

Made of lightweight, knitted cotton (the fabric of a polo), this shirt is perfect for September weather. And thanks to the sleek, elegant cut of a traditional shirt, you can wear it even under a suit. See? It’s the best of both worlds!

Where to buy?

They are still rather hard to find, but Boggi has got you covered. I bought their knitted shirt for my husband, and he agreed to model for this blog:) Doesn't he look drop-dead gorgeous?

Boggi knitted shirt navy blue 2020 by Truus Yperman
my husband wearing Boggi's navy blue knitted shirt

Alternatively, you could buy online at Profuomo. They’ve really made the knitted shirt their signature garment, and the cut is divine. And they too have a good-looking model:)

5. Artemis Esthétique

To top off this week’s shortlist, I thought I’d share with you my favourite skincare salon Artemis Esthétique.

I am a stubborn DIY kind of person, but some things are better left to professionals. And we all need a good facial from time to time, especially after a sunny summer holiday.

My first facial at Artemis was a birthday present from a dear friend (thank you Jasna, you’re the best!), who herself had picked the salon based on its top rating on Treatwell.

Now, I can tell you, the ratings don’t lie. Artemis works miracles on my face. And I love how she seems to carry the sun inside (perhaps something to do with her being Greek...). You can only walk out of there beaming with energy. Priceless feeling! Brussels is lucky to have her.

Is this really the end?

Well, for this summer, yes. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series (read the first or second post).

But no need to despair. The summer might be coming to an end, but I am only just getting started. Every season has its beauty and I will be sure to bring it to you! All you have to do, is join my mailing list on my website, or follow me on Instagram.

And as always, you can help spread the love. Just share this blog with your network and friends. Because shared joy is double joy, my friends!!!


I am a confidently feminine woman, living in Brussels with my husband and two children. I coach men and women from my Brussels and expat network on matters of style and lifestyle.

I like to think of style in a broad sense, covering fashion style, beauty, home style and lifestyle. Mixing it up is a really fun way of exploring and empowering the different sides of yourself.

I also organise style nights, fashion city trips and private sales, because I love to bring people together. Sharing your style and lifestyle journey with people who are on the same page, is a great way of enjoying the process and making new friends!

I don’t get anything out of naming my favourite brands or places, other than the pure joy of sharing. I am not an influencer and I don’t intend to become one. My only agenda is to promote style, good taste, and authenticity. Perhaps this can be a refreshing change from the sponsored influencers’ content.

Check out my website to sign up for your free initial coaching session, or follow me on Instagram for more style and lifestyle tips.



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