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12 christmas gifts that you'll want to keep for yourself!

Christmas gifts always a bit of a pickle for you? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered! Check out my 12 ultimate gift ideas for all your loved ones. Believe me, these are so fabulous that you'll wish you could keep them:) And the best gift of all, is at the very end, so wait for it!

Turns out my yearly Christmas gift guide is one of my most popular blog posts. I guess everybody can do with a little boost of inspiration at times.

Of course, I’m all too happy to pitch in. But to be honest, I still can't quite believe Christmas is only a short month away. How did that happen? I mean, I feel like I’ve barely switched on the heating!

Lucky for you, I’m basically a walking what-to-buy list. I spend the better time of my coffee and other breaks browsing through Instagram for unique fashion, beauty and design treasures. It’s what makes me tick.

I save everything in Instagram folders called "must buy", "for modern-day women", "buy in sales", "for Carlo" (that’s my lucky husband), "for other handsome men", and then some. So, I can just instantly pull out an impressive list of gifts for anyone, often with a little extra touch of local, Belgitude, sustainable, sensual, and all-natural.

Before we hit my list, 3 important disclaimers:

  • If you’re worried that this is another one of those hidden marketing posts, don’t. I don’t get anything out of naming my favourite products other than the pure joy of sharing. I am not an influencer and I don’t intend to become one. I’m just giving you my honest suggestions. Besides, I know my husband picks my Christmas gift from this list, so it’s in my interest to make sure it's all straight from the heart:)

  • I’m making suggestions without prejudice about who it is for. Buy it for him, her, or them as you see fit. All that really matters, is that you buy it with love.

  • My pictures are not click & buy, because as I said, I don’t do sponsored content. I am sure you all have your own preferred online resources. For that same reason, prices are merely indicative.

Alright, without any further ado, here are my 12 ultimate Christmas gifts for 2021, from Brussels with love.

1. Nuxe huile prodigieuse Neroli dry oil

The French “Nuxe huile prodigieuse” is probably the best dry oil in the world. Ask anyone. It’s multi-purpose (face, body, hair, massage, …), disappears on your skin instantly, and smells like heaven (I use it instead of perfume).

And since the latest addition of the green Bio version, with 100 % ingredients from natural origin, we’re nearing true dry oil perfection.

In short, Nuxe is a gift of love. It’s that simple.

Nuxe huile prodigieuse Néroli 100ml : 30€


There are two things I don’t leave the house with: Mascara and a tote bag.

Mascara is a matter of style, and a tote bag … too!

Admittedly, we started carrying tote bags because they are simply practical. Slip in a laptop, cell phone, hat, and hand sanitizer, and you’re good to go anywhere. Or just fold it away when you don’t need it, and let life be simple.

But the tote is so much more than just practical. With its pure, minimalist design, the tote is also a statement of good taste and urban style.

This is especially true if you dare to take your tote a notch up from the Ace&Tate freebie (that's my everyday tote bag and I carry it proudly). The ultra-soft leather totes from Isaac Reina, for instance, must be just about the most beautiful bags I’ve seen of late. That deep cognac colour on a grey oversized coat…, lord!

Oh, and one more thing. People, please don’t call it ‘gay’. Frankly, that’s so old. I’m not even going to respond to that any more. Truth is, you know you want it too:)

Prices range between 490€ and 690€ for a single or double department Isaac Reina tote.


Primadonna is a Belgian lingerie brand that has been around for as long as I can remember. They know a thing or two about giving the girlfriends, whatever shape or size, all the love and support they deserve. And lately I am seeing refreshingly modern-day collections in their range. All at very fair prices of around 80€ for a bra and 140€ for a body.

Not fit for a Christmas present? Sure it is! Those darn limiting beliefs again (eyes rolling).

Just make sure to pick the right moment to give your Primadonna Christmas present. Your wife probably doesn’t want to open this in front of her in-laws…


Opera Campi is a small Italian brand from Parma. They make stylish staple pieces from locally-sources hemp. Hemp fabric is made from cannabis (yes, you heard me right:) and is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world.

The brand developed a range of luxury, patented hemp fabrics such as Herotex (stretchy), Canapa (the softest and most sustainable hemp) and Lanapa (hemp combined with mulesing-free Merino wool).

My all-time favourite piece of Opera Campi is the Zero-sweater, a hand-knitted light sweater in 100% pure, undyed hemp. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

Maglioncino Zero: 130€, from sizes XXS to XXXL


You don’t need to buy and entire crockery collection to make a beautiful gift. Four cute coffee mugs will absolutely do the trick. The other day, I fell upon this 70s-inspired handmade pottery collection at Flamant on Sablon, and it just instantly took me back to those cosy winter days as a child.

Once in a while it feels good to lean into a trend.

Pottery in the Flamant Cameron collection ranges from 8€ for a mug to 28€ for a plate.


Zara has a to-die-for canvas bag collection in stores right now. Trust me, whichever of these gorgeous colours you pick, this bag can only be a hit. If Carlo isn’t buying this bag for me, I’m buying it for him:)

Depending on the size and colour, these bags range between 60€ and 80€.

Affordable yes. Sustainable no.


Slippers are one of the hardest things to design. They just always end up looking grandpa-like, chunky, mountain-hutty, childish, or all of the above. That is why I prefer walking around on my socks rather than wearing any sort of ugly slippers.

But I would make an exception for these hand-crafted, Italian slippers from Papusse. They have that touch of artsy-eccentric that would instantly make my home wear outfit pop. On a good day, I’d even wear them outside.

Impeccable! Italians simply do some things better:) We’ve got to hand it to them.

A pair of Papusse slippers: 95€


Don’t you love wearing jewellery with a story? Take Claire Charlon (pictured on the right), for instance. She has been designing jewellery for international brands for years, but now also handcrafts her own collection from her atelier in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, France.


I’ve lined up a couple of my “coup de coeur” for you. From left to right: Merry bracelet (seems destined for Christmas): 110€, Forever bracelets in silver or gold: between 70€ and 140€, long necklace Fuego Doré: 210€.


I know it’s tempting, to give your brother a set of silly boxer briefs for Christmas. You know, the ones with bananas, donuts, or yellow ducks on them. We’ve all seem them.

But here’s a better idea. Why not give him a set of boxers he will actually wear? My favourites are these super-sustainable lyocell boxer briefs from CDLP. Stylish, silky soft, comfortable, high-quality, and fabulous.

Life is better with good underwear. Fact.

A box of 3 boxers briefs: 81€


Knitwear brand JEFF is a Brussels’ family business with a gorgeous flagship store on Sablon. Perfect for a Christmas gift that says ‘I want to keep you warm’.

My favourites are in the pictures: turtle neck Marcel Jumper at 155€, rib button Nevada Cardigan at 185€, and mohair hat at 55€


Candles are always a great gift. But WoodWick candles (American brand available through several European platforms) have an interesting twist: they crackle as they burn! Thanks to the use of wide wooden wicks, the candles make a soft fireplace-like sound.

The cosiest gift ever!

Medium candle from Woodwick: 23€


If you’re still not sure how to make that special someone happy, here comes the ultimate of ultimate gifts: a voucher for a feel-good treat at peaches and pink, by… me:)

Give your loved one the gift of a styling journey. As Stylist and Personal Shopper, I offer a wide range of hands-on styling experiences: colour and body shape analysis, style exploration, wardrobe detox, outfitting hacks, staple pieces, capsule closet creation, make-up sessions, and shopping.

A peaches and pink gift voucher is a gift of empowerment, indulgence, and inspiration.

What's not to love?

Send me a message ( and you'll have your voucher straight away.


And that’s it for this year!

Ok darlings, that should put you on the right track. I hope my ideas inspire you to enjoy the act of giving, because it’s the best feeling of all!

As always, you can help me spread the love. Just share this blog with your friends and let's make this Christmas one to remember!

For more fashion and wardrobe styling inspiration, join my mailing list or follow me on Instagram!

Happy holidays, my friends!



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