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4 more home styling hacks you can do right now!

Or how to make the best of the second lockdown – part 2. Now that we are all spending plenty of time at home, it’s time to step up our home styling game. Luckily, I have just the thing for you, and it won’t cost you a penny! Check out my second set of home styling hacks that are so easy you can do them with one hand, while holding a glass of champagne in the other:)

I know I know, this blog post is a week late. But I have a valid excuse. My last post, part 1 of this series, gave me a couple of new clients and I was busy making them happy:)

Turns out I am not the only one who loves a little home make-over project. Now that we are all spending much more time at home, lots of people are finally putting their minds to that new bed or that new couch they’ve been meaning to buy. But with shops closed, they get lost in the endless online offer. Luckily, that’s exactly my cup of tea, so call me if you need me!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. And since I realised this is a pretty useful service to offer these days, I gave my website a full make-over too. It took a lot of coffee again, and the occasional glass of wine:), but it’s up darlings! Check it out if you want to browse through my offer in terms of personal styling, home styling, and shopping.

And now, back to the topic of this blog: home styling hacks that are so easy you can do them with one hand, while holding a glass of champagne in the other:)

In part 1 of this series, I suggested de-cluttering your home, taking out half of your home deco, putting lamps on your windowsills, and taking your bedroom experience to a whole new level.

Here’s what I want to add to that today:

1. No more lonely plants!

Everybody has the odd plant here and there, right? Perhaps you have one in your kitchen and one in your living room. Oh yes, that’s right, there’s also the cactus on your bathroom window sill. And you forgot the orchid in your home office.

This is exactly the thing about plants: dispersed around your house, they get lost in the corners and you totally forget they’re even there. I call it the “lonely-plant syndrome”.

selection of plants from Pinterest
Pictures via Pinterest

Let’s turn this story around, shall we? If you’re going to do plants, do them right. They are gorgeous, but they need each other to stand out, just like in nature.

So, go around your house and grab every big and small plant you can find.

Truus Yperman home styling hacks

Then find a central space of your home with natural light, and put all your plants together there. For the best home styling results, put them at different heights: on the floor, table, fireplace, windowsill, and shelves. You can even hang plants from ceiling baskets.

Look at this quick restyling of my living room.

Truus Yperman home styling hacks

Do you see what I mean? No lonely plants in my house! And admit it, we all love a story with a happy ending:)

2. Do you really need those sheer curtains?

The Belgians have a long-standing tradition of sheer curtain: those thin, translucent window drapes that stay closed all the time. But as soon as you cross the border to the Netherlands, you realize sheer curtains are not that indispensable. Entire nations get by just fine without them.

So, what’s my issue with sheer curtains? Actually, I don’t have an issue with them. At least, not if they are the only layer of window dressing. In fact, look, I’ve just installed some FA-BU-LOUS sheers in my home:

Truus Yperman home styling hacks

So, it's not the sheers as such I have an issue with, it's the die-hard habit of grandma-style, ‘double layering’: a layer of sheers that stay closed all the time, underneath a layer of solid, black-out curtains for the evening.

Pictures via Pinterest

Originally, the point was to block out the view from curious passers-by during the day. But gradually, over time, people started using this double layered system on every window, passers-by or no passers-by. How absurd is that???

I mean, look at my bedroom. If nobody can see me, why would I need privacy curtains?

Truus Yperman home styling hacks

And why, oh why, would you do anything to compromise the precious sunlight in Belgium?

Truus Yperman home styling hacks

Besides, let me just say it as it is. Window dressing with two layers of drapes is totally passé, and it has been for ages.

People, can we just stop it already? I say just take out those sheers, let the light in, and enjoy the view!

But hold on, what if there ARE passers-by and you need a bit of privacy? Oh honey, where to start? Here’s a quick selection from Pinterest. Take your pick!

Pictures via Pinterest

3. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

As a simple home-styling rule, remember this: there is no such thing as too many mirrors! I honestly don’t know how some people manage to get dressed with only a tiny mirror on the inside of their wardrobe door.

And that is just the practical side of the story. More importantly, mirrors are simply stunning! They open up your space, reflect the light, and make a big design statement.

I didn’t have time to tidy up my entire house today, so there’s only a limited number of rooms that I can show to you right now:) But you get my point, right?

Truus Yperman home styling hacks

If you need more inspiration, think Pinterest:

Pictures via Pinterest

4. Let there be light!

I could write a whole blog just about lighting, because it’s such an important part, perhaps THE most important part of home styling. Ideally, you should have your home light-proofed by an actual lighting expert.

But in the meantime, you can make an amazing head-start with this quick, easy trick: make sure to add several sources of light on top of your central light (usually the ceiling light). Your living room is not a dentist office, so it takes a bit more than general, broad-spectrum light to create that homey vibe.

Start with the necessary, functional additions, such as a reading lamp behind your arm chair, a desk lamp for studying, and countertop spots in your kitchen.

But don’t stop there. Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to switch things up a bit. The worst thing in a house, is even light. You want to create light accents at different levels and with varying brightness to break up a space in different corners. That is how you create that touch of cocooning, cosiness, hygge, or whatever you want to call it. It’s that thing people can’t quite put their finger on, but makes them want to stay.

Instead of adding more pictures of my home (which, as explained, would require some serious tidying up), why don’t I just share my top three favourite lamps of the moment with you? I always have a long list of ‘want to buy’ objects in my Instagram saves, so I might as well spread the love:)

My number 1 favourite of the moment, is this Hebe Lamp from Ferm living, with its irresistible neo-deco vibe. God, this is total love at first sight for me!

You can buy the base at 135€. Just click on the picture to go to the website.*

*I don't get anything out of tagging my favourite brands, other than the pure joy of sharing. I promote style, good taste, and authenticity, and that's my only agenda.

My second favourite and what I predict will be THE lamp of 2021: the Oluce Atollo table lamp in gold .

Also gorgeous in black or white

Designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977 for Oluce, this lamp has long been an icon of modern Italian design. These days, together with a lot of other iconic, mid-century statement pieces, the Atollo is making a majour come-back.

Besides it’s exquisite design, this lamp also has that rare quality of blending perfectly with just about any modern-day interior style: minimalist, industrial, classic, mid-century, neo-deco, eclectic, boho-chic, art deco, you name it!

You can find fair copies here and there, but if you like the original, you can check out Finnish Design Shop, or click on the pictures. The Atollo exists in different sizes with prices ranging from 558€ and 1785€.

And finally, my third favourite, is the Arum floor lamp, 679€, again from Ferm living. I guess this label simply struck a chord with me this season.

I’m especially fond of the downward-shaped hood, because I don’t understand why some people feel so strongly about illuminating the ceiling…

Is this really the end?

No darlings, this is just the beginning. Now it’s your turn to pull up your sleeves and open that bottle of champagne:)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series (catch up on the first post), and do let me know what changes you’ve made for a cosier lockdown experience.

And as always, help me spread the love. Just share this blog with your network and friends. Together, we can get through this in style, people!!!

Who am I?

I am Truus Yperman, Brussels-based Style Coach and Personal Shopper for women and men.

I offer joy, indulgence and empowerment in a very practical, hands-on way, through personal styling (fashion sense, look, wardrobe), home styling (interior design sense, decoration, lay-out), and shopping (online or in stores).

My style philosophy is simple: for me, style is not a matter of money, expensive design or luxury labels. It’s a matter of taste, and knowing how to do more with less. That is my special talent. You see, we don’t need more things. We just need to know how to combine them better.

Want me to work my magic on you or your home? Check out the range of services I offer on my website!

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