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Darlings, check out my essential guide to take your Vinted experience to the next level. Because this game is only fun if you know how to play it.

Truus Yperman Vinted wardrobe

Wow, talk about a hot topic! Some of you will remember that a while ago I published a blog post with my 3 reasons why it feels great to be on the Vinted-side of fashion. Turns out plenty of you actually took my word for it and gave it a go. Welcome to the club, my friends, the more of us the merrier!

But then the questions and comments started rolling in.

“How on earth am I supposed to find something for me in this random list of clothes?”

“I’ve listed my Yves Saint Laurent dress for more than a week, and nobody’s interested!”

“What if I don’t like what I bought on Vinted? Can I send it back?”

Now now girlfriends, relax. You didn’t think I was going to let you out there on Vinted all by yourself, did you? You know I’ve got you covered!

You see, I am what they call an all-round Vintee. I don’t just buy on Vinted, I also sell. Admittedly, I’ve been buying a tad bit more than I’ve been selling, but I’m working on finding the right balance :) The point is, as all-rounder, Vinted has no more secrets for me. And today I’ve decided to let you in on the most important tips and tricks on how to buy and sell on Vinted. Yoo-hoo!

But before we dive in, read the disclaimers:

1. As always, this is not a sponsored post. I’m not an influencer and I don’t get paid by Vinted.

2. I’m not actually going to take you through the technical process of setting up a profile, buying, selling, paying, picking a courier service, and what not. You can just google that. Much rather, these are my tried-and-tested pointers beyond the technical Q&As.

3. If you are not interested in buying or selling second-hand clothes, this post is not for you. However, you may read my previous blog post on Vinted, and have a change of heart.

OK, now that we are all on the same page, let me break it down for you.


1. Buddy up with the Vinted algorithm!

The first time you scroll through your home feed suggestions, they may feel like a bunch of out-of-style, old rags.

They may remind you of the clothes nobody wanted at the garage sale, even if they were in a box that said ‘FOR FREE – PLEASE TAKE AS MANY AS YOU LIKE’. You might be instantly tempted to give up right there and then.

But friends, this is the moment where you just need to hang tight. You see, the Vinted algorithm doesn’t ‘know’ you yet, so it doesn’t know what suggestions you will like. It’s like with husbands (or wives for that matter). They too can’t magically read your mind. They too don’t know what you want unless you tell them straight up (this was an important lifetime lesson for me at some point in time, but that’s another topic...)

So, my most important advice to you is: embrace the algorithm, darlings!

How? Well, like with husbands, it’s a process. You start by feeding the easy bits first, and then gradually, you let them in on the missing bits😊.

The easy bits go into ‘Personalisation’. There is a button for that in your profile. Tell Vinted about your preferred clothing category, your sizes, and most importantly, the brands you like. Once you’ve done that, your home feed will already feel much more like you.

But you’re just barely scratching the surface there. The real potential of the algorithm goes much further. It will pick up clues about you every time you pause while scrolling, every time you click on something, every time you add an item to your favourites, and every time you follow a new Vintee.

If you know this, you might as well use it to your advantage:

  • Don’t be shy to add clothes to your favourites, even if they’re not entirely what you are looking for. The algorithm will propose items similar to your favourites, so your perfect dress might just be a couple of clicks away

  • This is a big one: once you’re on the page of a listing that you like, ALWAYS click on the Vintee’s profile to see if you want to follow her. I’ve started following several French, Italian, and Spanish Vintees, and ever since, my home feed offers so much more variety in terms of styles and brands.

  • Again from the page of a garment that you like, ALWAYS click on the brand to check if it’s worth to add it to your list of favourite brands.

All of that activity will add up to a pretty good picture of you and your likes. And just like husbands, the Vinted algorithm will suddenly get you, and become your trusted partner-in-crime. Believe me, that’s your Vinted happy-spot:)

2. If you’ve found your "coup de coeur", breathe and stay calm!

If you are anything like me, you may get a little over-eager to click "buy". Needless to say, with wardrobe items listed between 5 and 25€, it’s easy to get carried away and lose your good sense of consumption-moderation. This, I’ve noticed, is especially true late in the evening, in bed, after a long working day. I call it "comfort buying": comforting in the moment, but the feeling wears off real quick.

Rings a bell? I know girlfriends, plenty of us down that road. You need my essential keep-your-head-cool rules:

  • Only click "buy" during daylight hours!!!

  • Always save items in your list of favourites first and give it a second moment of consideration before buying.

  • This one is a major game-changer: Always click on "similar items" when you bump into something you like! You will find this algorithm-produced shortlist when you scroll down on the items’ page. Often, I’ve actually found the exact same item, offered by a different Vintee, in a better state or for a better price. Or sometimes I’ve also realised I didn’t want it, after seeing the same item in a different Vintee’s pictures.

  • Never buy an item listed without a brand or from a "boutique indépendente". Unfortunately, there are a number of professional sellers on Vinted who sell market-level clothes at market-level prices. I say you can go to the market for that! Vinted is about second-hand, circular, planet-conscious buying. That’s the whole point, remember?

  • And finally: talk to your Vintee before you buy. There’s an easy message button for that. What’s the harm in asking for some extra info or measurements, right? Or my favourite question: “Why are you selling this?" You'd be surprised how many Vintees will just admit that the fabric is itchy, or the colour looks a little dull after washing. I tell you, there are some seriously honest people out there. It’s refreshing!

3. Don’t be afraid to buy, but be ready to sell again

Darlings, a point of order, Vinted is not Zalando. Once you’ve bought something, it’s yours. Of course, if a Vintee sold you a jacket "in perfect state" and it’s full of holes, you can make a claim and get your money back. But in principle, you are stuck with what you’ve bought, even if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit.

But don’t let such a tiny detail spoil the party. Occasional mishaps are simply part of the deal. Just put the item back up for sale, and that’s all there’s to it.

Hold on, you’re not sure how to sell items on Vinted? Keep reading!


It is easy (and entirely free) to list something for sale on Vinted, but actually selling it, is another story.

Some people find that surprising. I don’t. After all, if you go to a physical store, you want to feel inspired, right? You won’t buy something that you can hardly see, right? And you want to know what an item is made of, what brand it is, and how it sizes, right?

Ok, so why would that suddenly be any different on Vinted? Girlfriends, if you want to sell on Vinted, you need to think of your Vinted wardrobe as an actual store, or at least a flea market stand. You need to think "what makes me buy something, and what turns me off buying?", and then you need to apply that to your Vinted listings. That simple!

Obviously, there are too many marketing do’s and don’ts for me to list in a single blog post, so let me focus on those things that make me go "Lord have mercy!" every time I’m scrolling. Let’s call it "Vinted-selling-101":

1. Choose an audience and stick to it!

Let me tell you something. If I’m scrolling through a woman’s Vinted wardrobe and suddenly I see a deck of Pokemon cards and a Casa de Papel Halloween suit, I swear I’m out!

If I wanted to buy kid’s stuff, I wouldn’t be in the women’s section, would I ???

So ladies, take my word for it, don’t put your entire families’ wardrobe, books, and toys on a single Vinted profile. The risk of trying to reach everyone at once, is that you reach no one at all.

2. Take pictures while wearing the item you want to sell!

Ok, so this one is so obvious that I can’t believe I have to explain it. But I have to, because it is still THE most common Vinted selling mistake. Friends, I need to see the garment if you want me to buy it. These are what I call anti-selling shots:)

If you want to sell anything, you need to wear it, and take some really good pictures from all sides, with lots of daylight. I also want to see some close-up pictures of the details, the label, and the exact colour. Yeah, even if I’m only going to pay 5€, yes.

You don’t have time to wear everything? I got you. Neither do I. But then at least go for your second-best option: well-lid flat-lay shots and a couple of shots of the item hanging on a hanger, from all sides. THANK YOU!

Here is an example of how I like to do it.

3. Write in as many languages as you can!

Vinted’s reach is really quite amazing. It is very popular in Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany. But the biggest audience is in France. I write my descriptions in English and French, and sometimes I will throw in a bit of Dutch, Spanish, or Italian. It really helps to reach a wider audience.

Just like on IG, hashtags are a great way to reach more people effortlessly. Most people use the search bar on Vinted, instead of browsing through the Vinted categories. They may write ‘oversized coat’ for instance. If you use hashtags in your listings’ description, again preferably in as many languages as possible, the search engine will pick up your listings first.

5. Be honest about flaws!

If your garment has even the tiniest flaw, like a small part of the hemline that is undone, or a loose button, you better say it upfront and add a picture of the flaw in your listing. Otherwise, you risk getting a negative review and you need those 5-stars. Your entire selling strategy is based on reputation and trust. Again, it’s no different from any other shop or business.

6. List collections per season!

Again obvious. You don’t want to buy flip flops right now, do you? Ok then, so take out all the summer and spring garments of your Vinted wardrobe, and put up only those things that people are looking for now: coats, knitted jumpers, tweed skirt, work tops etc.

By the end of a season, I tend to bundle any unsold items in sets of 3 to 5 garments, and sell the bundle at give-away prices of 10 to 15€. It’s a great way to clean out one season and move to the next without having to put things up in boxes for another year. Plus, very happy customers guaranteed. I love it when everybody wins:)


There you go, that’s what I have for you today. You should be all set now for a better all-round Vinted experience. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

Of course, if you need my help for anything from finding the colours and shapes that are just right for you, giving your wardrobe a proper detox, creating a capsule winter closet, turning wardrobe items into stunning outfits, or shopping, I'm your woman. As Stylist and Personal Shopper, I empower people by boosting their styling skills and aesthetic instincts in simple, hands-on sessions, individually or in small groups.



Paris, Darlings!!! My calendar is packed with group styling events, shopping tours, and individual client sessions, but there is no way I’m skipping Paris.

So, I’ve blocked a date and it’s on! From Friday 26 Nov to Sunday 28 Nov, 5 women (or anyone who identifies as such) can join me for a weekend of shopping and me-time in Paris. Details are coming up soon, but feel free to send me a message to hold a spot for you ( or +32 479 07 99 53).

It will be a great way to share memorable moments of fashion and fun with other style-loving women. Oh, this is so exciting!

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